Explosive reunion for Real Housewives of Melbourne

by Sally

Be prepared for the most explosive reunion in the history of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

During the latest series of the reality show, newcomer Sally Bloomfield called out self-described “queen” of the housewives Gina Liano as a “bully” for the barrister’s verbal attacks and nasty put-downs on fellow cast members, including sensationally claiming Gamble Breaux only married her husband Rick Wolfe for money.

And things come to a head in tomorrow’s reunion episode, which screens at 5.30pm on Foxtel’s Arena channel, where Bloomfield told AAA filming came to halt when she called Liano, left, out with an expletive-fuelled comeback line.

“Honestly, (Gina) thinks it was all premeditated and I’ve come on to the show to bring her down and I’m like ‘Don’t flatter yourself that I actually thought that much about you’,” Bloomfield said when asked whether she expected the explosive reaction while filming in Mexico.

“But …when it just came out of my mouth, I thought she might check her behaviour and apologise to Gamble.

“I didn’t think that she was then going to come back (and confront me) and I think it kind of proves that what I said was completely right after what she did to me. And there is also stuff that they didn’t air, you know, that she didn’t give a f… that my husband died and all that sort of stuff. Just horrible, horrible stuff.”

The Real Housewives of Melbourne reunion Credit: Foxtel.

A fast fan favourite for her down-to-earth approach to life and her savvy business ventures, Bloomfield said she had been overwhelmed by public support after Liano threatened she would lose “thousands” of her social media followers for going against her.

“There has been tens of thousands of messages,” she said. I think I gained after that episode, I think I gained 14,500 followers in two weeks or something like that. So yeah, I guess she wasn’t on the mark with that one.”

But Bloomfield has experienced the other side of being in a reality TV spat, especially when Liano claimed publicly via her social media channels the 52-year-old had made a racist slur against her.

Bloomfield denies the shock claim and the production company says no audio of it exists.

“Everyone knows that I didn’t say it,” she said.

“It came up about five days after I told her she was a bully. She subtly brought it up at a dinner and it was just so ridiculous because anyone can see watching me, you know, that it’s not how I talk to people or about people … and especially if I got Jackie (Gillies) sitting next to me, I’ve got Lydia (Schiavello) there, I’ve got Venus Behbahani-Clark and they’re all European or Middle Eastern or whatever. The whole thing is just completely ridiculous.

“And the fact that Gina actually went on social media and did that was … a pretty low moment, I think, of hers.”

Written by Ross McRae | The West Australian

Source https://thewest.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-gossip/explosive-reunion-for-real-housewives-of-melbourne-ng-b88748648z

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