Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk!!!! I recently gave a speech at my old school Toorak College.
They loved it so much that they invited me back for their first podcast and to talk to the whole senior
school and I have to say, I loved it. To be able to communicate with kids is such a joy and I hope to be
able to inspire them through my journey of love, loss, tragedy, determination and strength. I am now
inspired to bring my story to schools across Australia.

For enquiries please contact – Katherine Taylor:

Sally’s messages of determination, growth and seizing opportunities really resonated with our students. They could see the optimism and positivity she possessed, even in the face of adversity. She encouraged them to think about the many opportunities that present and reminded them that it is work ethic and relationships that really come to matter as you enter life beyond school. One of the things about Sally as a speaker is that her messages resonate with audiences of all ages. From messages of empowerment at Senior School assembly to those of appreciating what you have at our Mothers Day event, she has an ability to really connect with people. This is one of the reasons we choose her as our first guest for our Toorak podcast as we knew her messages needed to be heard by a larger and wider audience.

Kristy Kendall – Principal – Toorak College