Toorak Chat Ep 1 | Sally Bloomfield

by Sally

Recently I was asked to give a talk for a Mother’s Day breakfast at my old school Toorak College. It was not something I had done before and I wasn’t sure what I should be talking about. I guess when you are just living your life you don’t think that it is anything out of the ordinary but to outsiders it looks completely different.

Once I sat down and started to write it just came pouring out of me and I realized that compared to a lot of people, what I have been through – losing my father, my brother, my husband and several friends along the way, the fact that I still manage to get through my days with a smile on my face, is somewhat inspirational.

Facing death at an early age is something most people, in our western society have never known and furthermore struggle to understand. For me talking to kids and realizing that I am able to help them cope with just everyday living or tragedies in their lives just felt like the right way forward to me. As I was talking I noticed that people were really affected and some were crying and at times laughing, it was like a like an epiphany, a lightning bolt moment and I finally found a way to truly give back. I feel that this has set me on a new path and it is what I need to be doing.

After my first talk I was asked to come back and be interviewed for the school’s first podcast and Toorak College have asked me back to talk to the whole senior school!! I am now exploring opportunities to work with schools around Australia.

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