Beauty and the Beast part 1 – Inside

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Ok this subject is a biggie. I started to write and just kept on writing until I realized that I was up to nearly 6,000 words and I am mindful of not putting you all to sleep, so I decided to split it into two parts. One for the outside of your body and one for inside.

While I love getting older in some respects, let’s face is, getting older sucks in so many ways for your body, just weird little things that happen out of the blue and hopefully a few things here can remedy that and might resonate with you.

I was watching a show last night and someone said, “Women don’t want to hear about perfection, they just want honesty” and we all know that nobody is perfect, but I can certainly give you my honesty. Let me start by saying that I am not a Doctor, (as I am sure some of you may of already suspected) and my advice, is what works for me. I would like to think that over the course of my rather jam packed life, along with my fair share of fuck ups, I have learnt a few things along the way and have some basic common sense. However, they do say that common sense is not that common and judging by the current state of the world, health wise, I would say that is pretty true.

The level of obesity in this country is out of control, along with heart disease, cancer and other major health issues. It has become pretty clear that there is a huge health crisis not only looming but already upon us. I am not sure if you watched the documentary ‘That Sugar Film’? I did and it scared the shit out of me!!! (The book is a great read too). If you think the Government – that sets the standard on what is a healthy diet for the average Australian person – has our best interests at heart, you are sorely mistaken. Check out the film and make up your own mind!

When my husband Ian was diagnosed with throat cancer in late 2014, I made it my mission to do my research and put the whole family on a healthier path. Of course this was met with much disdain, kicking and screaming from Ian and the kids, but I was determined to make some real changes.  Sadly, it was already too late for Ian as he was dealing with a super aggressive cancer – he passed away late September 2016 – but what I found out is that 99% of GP’s these days do not promote healthy habits to prevent you from getting sick, they simply prescribe you pills once you are. It’s not really their fault as most are just practicing what they are taught at University and the literature provided to them while practicing, but that is a whole other can of worms in itself…

While modern medicine has done some wonderful things, sometimes I think the bad far outweighs the good. I think that whoever created us, also created natural remedies to cure us, but with all the GMO’s, junk food and toxins we put in our bodies and that surround us every day, we have poisoned our bodies to such an extent, that we have come to rely on manmade cures which in turn just makes us sicker.

It really is quite simple, don’t eat shit! Sugar is by far the most toxic and harmful thing we consume, even though in the 80’s we were led to believe it was fat, hence the low-fat era being introduced. If we knew then what we know now, I don’t believe we would be having such a serious health crisis, but that’s the global “Health Experts” for you!! I also try to avoid dairy and gluten too as they just don’t work for me. Try to eat healthy organic whole food where you can, drink lots of purified water, exercise daily, limit your alcohol intake and get enough sleep, pretty bloody simple. I still haven’t mastered good sleeping patterns as I am a night owl by nature. Sometimes I still think I’m 25, forget that I am a mother and occasionally hit up the club scene, of course it doesn’t help having a son who is a DJ!!!

I know eating organic can be expensive but otherwise you can find a local markets, where the produce comes directly from smaller farms. If you don’t respect and nourish your body, you will suffer in so many ways. Try your best to maintain a healthy weight for you. I’m not saying you have to be super skinny to be healthy, as some people are just born bigger or have slower metabolism, or other underlying medical issues, but if you are eating the right foods and doing everything you can to be healthy, you will keep sickness at bay and naturally start feeling better.

I am also realistic and understand that we all need cheat days, or you fall of the wagon completely (speaking from experience here) or could be going through something emotional and that is ok too! Just get back in the saddle and try to live this way 80/20% or 90/10% of the time. Don’t try and kill yourself doing it 100% of the time as you will only stress yourself out and probably fail. Last year during lockdown, of all times, I started Isagenix and stopped drinking for nearly 5 months and exercised every day, I lost 6 kilos and couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. I also couldn’t believe how much I didn’t miss sugar, like never even thought about it! Alcohol was slightly harder, mainly because Mum, who lives with us, loves an early evening tipple and so that is such a hard habit to break, especially when that glass of wine is just sitting there, staring at me!! I am not sure what came over me, but I stayed strong and only broke it once around the 3 month mark, but then went on to do another 2 months. I am about to start again and find it easier during these less social times and cold winter months…

Now first, a little about me… I was always one of those annoyingly tall and thin people. You know the smug ones that think they can eat anything they like, drink and party hard without a care in the world. That is, until I hit my mid 40’s. I was always around a size 8 until my late teens when I travelled around Europe and pretty much ate my own body weight every day… Oh the croissants in Paris, the Pizza, Pasta and Gelato in Italy, the Tzatziki and bread in Greece. Then I moved to London and just comfort ate the shit out of that town for a year!! When I got back to Australia, well a rather heftier me did, I lost it pretty quickly and settled into around a size 10. Over the years of childbirth etc and a little weight fluctuation here and there, I now sit comfortably between a size 10-12 and weigh around 63kg, which is a good weight for me and my height and when I feel my healthiest. It took me a while to figure it all out, I’m a bit of a late bloomer!

I didn’t really start exercising until I was around 40, just before the birth of my second son Jules, at 42. Even then, it was sporadic and any excuse not to exercise was leapt at with gay abandon. I have just turned 56 and finally feel like I have slipped into a good routine of eating well, drinking lots of water, limiting my alcohol intake, regularly fasting and am a work in progress in getting more sleep. Baby’s finally growing up!!!

For all the suggestions below I have added a link to their website at the bottom of the blog, but also wanted to point out that I am not getting paid for any of these recommendations, they are just my personal choices.


Now let’s get inside the body, as that is just, if not more, important!! The first thing I do each morning is drink fresh lemon in hot water. It works wonders and you really notice a difference after a few weeks. Squeeze about 6 lemons, then pour the juice into an ice tray and freeze. That gives you about 2 weeks’ worth so you don’t have to fuss around every morning. Another thing that is really important is the water you drink. There are so many toxins, viruses, mercury, arsenic, bacteria, fluoride and other nasties in our water that you really need to invest in a decent water system or filtration jug. I have been using a filtration jug but I spend my life filling it up so recently purchased a 5.25L bench top Ionised Alkaline water filter from Nourished Life. You need to be drinking at least 2L a day so you want to make sure you are drinking the best water you can.

Juice Plus and The HSE

Now, let’s talk Juice Plus and The Healthstyle Emporium!!!! Juice Plus are all natural vegan capsules filled with 33 varieties of fruits and vegetables (I have listed them below). The fruit capsule provides natural antioxidants from blended fruit juice powder concentrates along with vitamins and also helps improve immune system function. The Vege capsule is the same but with veggies and that is it!! Literally no added crap at all. I take two of each in the morning and before my day has even started I know that I have already had all the fruits/veggies that I need for the day. It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat actual fruits and vegetables but it is just not possible to get that amount of Vitamins A, C and E, folate, nutrients, minerals, and phytonutrients each day. Some days my diet might not be as great as it should be but I know that I have at least nourished my body as best I can.

Fruits – Apple/peach/cranberry/orange/mango/lemon peel/acerola cherry/pineapple/prune/date/beet.

Vegetables – Broccoli/parsley/tomato/carrot/garlic/beet/spinach/cabbage/lemon peel/rice bran/kale.

The best part is that one child can get it for free with every adult subscription for 4 entire years!!! Now I don’t know about you, but can you say that your child is eating all their fruit/veggies each and every day??? Each subscription is 4 months and you get all the product upfront but you can pay monthly. It starts at only $84 a month (which is only $2.70 per day) and I love the fact that there are only 5 products in total. I also add the Berry blend for that extra antioxidant boost and there is also an Omega blend and a Protein shake in Vanilla and Chocolate and they are bloody delicious!!

I have found that with Juice Plus I have more energy, my sleep patterns are getting better, my eyes are whiter and I just feel better in general. It has also really helped with my IBS and there are just so many more health benefits to these capsules. There is also an amazing Facebook page with so many incredible testimonials and health journeys, so don’t take my word for it. If you message me directly I can send you some great information. But wait, there is more – isn’t there always!! If you purchase the products you get access to the amazing Healthstyle Emporium community for absolutely nothing. Healthstyle Emporium is a website and community of recipes, videos, webinars, meditation, yoga, Pilates, health advice that you become part of, for a lifetime!! You can opt in or out and go at your own pace but if you need help it is there for you. You can also jump on board, as I have and turn it into a business and help spread the word of this amazing product and be an actual part of The HSE!! Chani Thompson is the founder and just an awesome human being who started The HSE to compliment the products. Instead of just selling to her tribe she adds so much more to the wellness journey.  Of course if it’s just the products you are after that is totally cool too, but you know it is there if you need it. I was so inspired when I met her, I thought to myself, I’ll have what she is having!!!! If this is something that interests you, please feel free to email me, there is a link below.


Around the middle of last year I started Isagenix and have already spoken about it in a previous blog but I am still going strong and have their plant based protein powder every day, sometimes twice a day if I can’t be bothered making lunch. I have tried once or twice to use another protein powder’s but keep coming back to the Isagenix as it is a complete meal with pre/probiotic, digestive enzymes and is just so easy. I just add water and some frozen berries and I’m done, no need to add anything further, which just adds to the cost and if I am out I can just add water and it is just as delicious! Again, if this is something that interests you, please feel free to email me.

Another great product from Isagenix I absolutely swear by is the Cleanse for Life powder for fasting. You just add 2 scoops to water 4 times a day, the berry flavour is my favourite. Ok, so if you’ve never done a fast before I’ll explain the easiest way and the one that I do every two weeks, it pretty simple and fasting is so good for you! First up to prepare, I make some chicken bone broth, I do this about once, or sometimes twice a month. If you need a good recipe, it is in my Instagram highlights! I usually start on a Sunday and have my usual smoothie for breakfast and then I try to have a pretty healthy lunch to get myself ready for a fast. Then in the afternoon I will have my first serve of Cleanse for Life and a little bone broth and later on another CFL. You can also have this either hot or cold, it’s kind of like Ribena, quite delicious! On the Monday I will have 4 lots of CFL – morning/lunch/late afternoon/before bed and during the day I will sip on some bone broth, herbal tea and lots of water. Isagenix also have a giant wafer, kind of like Ovalteenies that used to be around years ago or maybe still are. I get the plant based berry ones and you can have up to six of those a day. The hardest time is the Monday afternoon but just keep up your liquids and push on through. The next day you do the same thing but only two serves of CFL until lunchtime and you are done!!! I have to say by this stage, you feel so good that you could keep going but two days in enough. Try to have a light healthy dinner though so you don’t undo all the hard work and then back to your normal routine the next day.

Beauty Bites

Let’s talk snacks because, let’s face it, who can stick to 3 meals a day? The Beauty Bites by Keira Rumble of Krumbled Foods, oh my god, can we talk!!! It is practically impossible to stop at one, but do try as you get your daily dose in just one… Firstly Keira is just stunning and is the embodiment of her own product. Always do your own research on products before you buy or take a recommendation and if the founder is living their best life and you want what they are having, then you are on the right track!!

I can’t remember how I came upon them but you would’ve seen my posts on social media of these power packed little bites! Don’t let their size fool you, these bites are loaded with goodness in their 6 delicious flavours like white choc raspberry, salted caramel, triple chocolate chip, apple cinnamon and it is hard to stop at one!! They each contain 3800mg of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, 1 billion CFU’s of probiotics combined with the vital added benefits of added prebiotics and vitamins C + E. There is absolutely no added sugar and the bespoke chocolate is certified fair trade and sustainable! I recommend buying them directly online as they can be hard to find because they sell out so fast and stockist’s usually have only one or two flavours. Oh and you’re welcome!!!

JS Health Vitamins

Another amazing brand that I love is JS Health by Jessica Sepel, another gorgeous and successful woman living her best life. I have been using a few of her products, namely the Collagen Powder, a totally delicious flavoured powder that I add to my water bottle each morning and the Detox + Debloat that I have after each meal and the Vitamin D+. Love love love them all. I have already posted on social media about the Collagen but I also love the Detox + Debloat as I find that I sometimes get a bloated tummy after eating and this really helps aid digestion. The Vitamin D I love to take during the winter months when there is a little less sunshine and my immune system is a little low.

So that’s a wrap for all my health tips and honestly I could go on and on, there are just so many things to talk about!!! As always please feel free to email me on with any questions or further information on anything I have mentioned otherwise I would love to hear your feedback!

Love and laughs, sincerely Sally x (contact me if interested)

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