Radish and Buckwheat Salad

One of my favourite seeds is Buckwheat, not be be confused with a grain or the fact that it is not wheat – yes confusing I know.. anyway it is super healthy and is great in a salad. One I throw together during the summer months is the Radish and Buckwheat Salad – ingredients: Buckwheat (cooked according to the packet) fresh sliced radish, freshly shucked and lightly cooked peas, mint, a little goats cheese crumbled over and fresh pomegranate! Its clean, fresh and super easy and good for you! Pomegranate is a Middle Eastern Fruit and they say it is effective against heart disease, high bloody pressure and inflammation. It is also a great source of fibre and contains vitamin A, C, E and Iron..I love the flavor and the little crunch when you bite into it!!

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