This summer we were lucky enough to be staying at a beautiful farm in the Western District of Victoria for about six weeks. Our driveway was about 1km long and one day I woke up with an idea! Because I am an idea's woman..  I decided to put my earphones in, play some old fashioned Disco music and dance my way up to the front gate and back down again each and every morning, apart from New Years Eve for obvious reasons... I would finish with the dogs, in front of the kitchen, on the beautiful lawn to my final song.. of course I must have looked ridiculous to my family, who would be in fits of laughter when I came in the door, but I didn’t care, I was having fun and apart from a few sheep, curious birds, annoying flies and the odd tiger snake, nobody could see or criticise my flawless dance moves.. Of course now I'm back in Barwon Heads I am going to have to think of something a little less showy for my morning walk around the neighbourhood.. I will keep you posted!!


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