I think the secret to short hair is not washing it.. I know that probably sounds disgusting and don’t get me wrong, I wet my hair every few days and run a massage comb through it, but honestly I only really wash it when I get it coloured.. unless I spent lots of time at the beach and then sometimes it needs a quick wash, but I swear the secret is.. DON’T WASH..  Then the natural oils in your hair kick in and just stop it from being frizzy or too soft.. Ok, so it takes a few weeks to get there but once you get over the hump.. its all downhill from there!! The product that I use and cannot live without, and I mean literally cannot live without because I tried once, is the Kevin Murphy – Easy Rider!! I put a 5c piece amount through my hair when it is wet, them comb it through, then just lightly dry my hair! And voila! That’s it!! If I want to wear it up I just run my fingers through it and because I haven’t washed it, it naturally stays up and then I use a little spray to  keep it there! And that people, is the secret to my short hair!!

And because one hairdresser is never enough, here are my 3 purveyors of fine hair....

Linley Godfrey – Melbourne - Australia

Number: +61 419 898154


Darren Grayson – Newtown (Geelong) - Australia

Number: +61 3 5221 7199


Bill Wilson – Aspya – Bali - Indonesia

Number: +62 819 36378857


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