Bone Broth Protein




When ian was sick, I spent most nights up late googling the buggery out of Cancer.. I came across a site called ‘The Truth about Cancer’, they had a 9 part documentary series called ‘A Quest for a cure’.. It was a life changing series and I learnt so much about our bodies, how they work and how important nutrition is, a thing most mainstream Doctors don’t seem to agree on. They all used to tell Ian to just eat whatever he wanted, sugar and carb laden food, no matter what it might be doing to him. It made my blood boil and unfortunately it was too late for him but I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly believe that health and nutrition, or the food we consume, could not be related. One of the companies/products that I came across was Organixx (formerly Epigenetics). Their first product was Bone broth Protein Powder. It sounds disgusting but trust me, the Vanilla and chocolate flavours are sublime and there are 23-25grams in every scoop!! They also do a Pure flavour and I use that I soups, pasta sauces and anything savoury.. They now have a wide range of products and I have tried quite a few of them. Their supplements are made from the purest, non GMO and USDA certified organic ingredients.. I make a breakfast smoothie every morning with either the vanilla or chocolate powder and at least once a day I have their green powder..


To see me in action making my smoothie click on this link


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