Monogrammed Luggage

I’d rather die than have my luggage wrapped in that awful plastic cling wrap they do in some countries ie Bali… I know it’s for safety reasons but have you ever tried to get it off and not to even mention how awful it looks!!!

Anyway I am currently lusting after some super monogrammed stuff… In the past my husband and I used to have matchy matchy Mandarina Duck black smart luggage but I need to update and am looking for something a bit more modern.. I want two sizes, one that can go into the overhead for my accessories and toiletries and another extra-large one to fit my mountains of shoes and clothes and bags…

As you can imagine I don’t really travel lightly… Shoes!!! It’s usually the shoes that do me in… I average about 10-12 pairs each time I go away… I just can’t help it, I have to think of all occasions, like… walking, shopping, beach, travel, dress up, comfort, non-comfort… I can think of a million different needs while I am away..

I also love monogrammed stuff, like tags and little books and toiletry bags and just anything I can think of. Instead of going to the expense of new luggage and having that monogrammed an alternative is that you buy some smart luggage and use luggage tags to make it personalized… or you can do what I did and buy some luggage you love and then go to Bunnings and buy the mirrored letters of your initials and stick them on the cases!! See, craftier than a piece of cheese!!!

I personally have some great stuff from Shop Nomadic and Miss Monogram but of course the absolute ultimate would have to be, personalized Louis Vuitton luggage! A girl can dream can’t she???

 Here are my some of my suggestions –

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