Holiday Prep

Before I travel anywhere I always kick up my exercise routine, my nutrition intake, my supplements, plan my outfits, buy online anything new I might need, which is usually a new swimsuit and anything else I might need to get travel ready!!

Of course I do this because I know when I am away I don’t want to deny myself anything as I want to experience everything the places I go have to offer!!! You might say I kind of come off the rails when I travel so I need to be in tip top shape before I go… I prefer to go somewhere warm.. the idea of being cold is not an option!!! I want some sun, sand surf and whatever else goes with this!!!

Supplements I can’t live without –

  • Vitaklenz (from Detox House in Qld) – for weight loss and detox
  • Cellgevity (from Detox House in Qld) – to support digestion
  • Magi Complexx (from Organixx in the US) – for imflammation
  • Bone Broth Protein Powder Vanilla/Choc (from Organixx) I have been onto his product for about 18 months now and have done a story on it previoulsy. I use in my morning smoothie and each scoop has 23 grams of pure protein
  • Lumity Life capsules (from Lumity Australia) – for my skin and sleep patterns – I have done a post on Lumity previously
  • Doterra Digest Zen Oil - for digestion. 1 drop in water after a meal is great to help with digestion and settles everything down. Available at Health Shops.
  • Doterra Lemon Oil - I use 2-3 drops in warm water each morning to keep my body in an alkaline state..

I do KX Pilates 3 times a week and try to walk or ride my bike with the boys twice a week.. that's it!! 

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