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My friend Janine Allis (from Boost Juice and Shark Tank) put me onto Be Fit Food in Mornington. I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Save who started the business which then took off after appearing on Shark Tank. Kate Save is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist. She holds a double degree in Nutrition / Dietetics and Exercise Science from Deakin University, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Diabetes Education and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology and not to mention a lovely person!!!

So I decided to kick off my Europe health kick by doing a two week program of Be Fit Food!! First things first you do a weigh in on this super dope machine which tells you your BMI (body mass index for those squinting their eyebrows), body water, metabolic age (mine was 40!!! So happy with that!) Bone mass, visceral fat etc etc.. I am in pretty good shape but there is always room for improvement!

Then the fun part is choosing your food for the week! They have big fancy fridges with all the meals already frozen to choose from.  It comes in a fancy yellow cool box that you get to take home. I prefer to be gluten free, red meat free and mostly dairy free. All their food contains absolutely no sugar which was a big bonus for me.

So I chose 7 breakfasts consisting of chia puddings, gluten free porridge, muffins. Then I decided to do the soups for lunch as I am not a big lunch eater as I always have way too much to do.. The meals were tasty and filling – curried pumpkin with chicken soup, chicken and corn soup and a Mexican bean (probably not my favourite one). Then for dinners I chose Fish with ginger and chilli, Indian curry, Paella, Thai stir fry. Everything goes into the microwave or you can thaw and heat your own way. I was surprised at how everything turned out. The vegetables were crunchy and it was all cooked perfectly!! The servings were quite small but you can add a salad or extra vegetables if you like and are still hungry. There is a list they give you of all the things you can have on top of the take home food. I also had two different lots of protein balls that i would have as a snack in between meals and they kept me going until the next meal.

So after my first week I went back for another check up and to collect my next weeks meals. The brilliant news is that I am now officially 38 in metabolic years.. I figure if I keep going I will be 21 in no time!! The other good news is that I have gained about a kilo in muscle and a kilo in weight. Had I not been doing pilates and walking I probably would have lost about 2 kilos but it’s not all about losing weight, its important to build muscle at the same time! I had a bit of a headache the first day or so but haven’t had one since and have felt pretty good! I will report back after week 2 but so far so good!!

Ok so the two week mark has passed and I feel amazing, I can feel my body changing and now I have used Be Fit Food to kickstart me, I feel I can take it from here.. I dropped 3 kilos overall, which was about exactly what I wanted to lose.. I feel like I have energy and am not sluggish at all.. I have also been doing 3 pilates classes per week which I love!!! 

It's always great having someone else take charge of your diet for a few weeks. Then I think we all basically know what we should and shouldn't eating and can take over. Of course if you want to keep going Be Fit Food have all the meals you can take home or just buy the protein balls or just do lunches or dinners, it's up to you.. The prices is also amazing, for a whole week it is under $200 and that is breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! What are you waiting for??? 

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